Collaboration no. 1: "Reverie (Where the Sidewalk Ends)"

  "Snow Cap" © 2007 Justin Nolan Key

 "Snow Cap" © 2007 Justin Nolan Key


Reverie (Where the Sidewalk Ends) 


There's a place at the corner where the sidewalk ends

and the birds and the beasts meet the sky, 

where the night and the day

are all covered in gray

and the boy in the blue never cries. 


It's an in-between place,  not ground and not space,

and it's not always there all the time, 

but when you are still

and haveth the will

it emerges, and bathes in the light. 


Today I'll renounce and go build a house

on that corner where the sidewalk ends, 

and all of my days

I will wash in the waves

as will all of my demons and friends. 


But just as I rise to conquer the skies  

and set out on my last greatest game, 

the fog disappears

the horizon it clears

and the sidewalk, it goes on for days. 


Laura C. Jenkins, 2013

An arts collaboration with Justin Nolan Key

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